December 16, 2018

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Worship on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 

Children are dismissed to Sunday School at 10:20 a.m.

Fellowship after the service in the Rogers Room.


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First Presbyterian Church Calendar of Events


Thurs, Dec 13       2:00 pm      Home for Hope – Rogers Room

                               3:00 pm      Mission Commision

                               3:00 pm      Oregon Trail Manor

                               6:30 pm      Session Meeting

                               7:00 pm      Boy Scouts meet

Sat, Dec 15           2:30 pm      Westminster Woods tree cutting and play day

                                                   Don’t forget to RSVP the day before!

                               5:00 pm      EOPAC Dinner

Sun, Dec 16        10:00 am      Family Christmas Worship

                             11:00 am      Fellowship


Sun, Dec 16       10:00 am      Worship

                            10:20 am      Sunday School

                            11:00 am      Fellowship

Mon, Dec 17       5:30 pm      Westminster Woods Commission Dinner  

                                                    followed by meeting at 6:15

Tues, Dec 18      Wired Word is on holiday until Jan. 8

                              5:15 pm      Personnel Commission

Wed, Dec 19      11:30 am      Salvation Army Lunch served     

                              5:30 pm      Bells of Joy rehearsal

                              7:00 pm      Choir rehearsal

Thurs, Dec 20           noon      PW Bible Study – Vert Room

                              7:00 pm      Boy Scouts meet

                              7:30 pm      Blue Christmas Service

Fri, Dec 21               10 am      Outreach Food Pantry staffing

                                 6-8pm      Piano Recital, Sue Nelson’s students, Sanctuary

Sun, Dec 23        10:00 am      4th Sunday in Advent Worship

                            10:20 am      Sunday School

                            11:00 am      Fellowship

                            11:20 am      Board of Deacons

Mon, Dec 24      11:00 pm      Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship





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